This section of my web site contains an index of links and resources on the topic of Twitter. Some of the links lead to resources which I have created. Others lead to web sites out on the 'Net which some great information and are worth visiting.

Please note, this index is not comprehensive. I consists primarily of sites and resources I found while searching the web. There are many more I've likely missed. If you've found a great Twitter site, please consider sharing it by clicking on the link below.

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Twitter Presentations:
* Twitter In Twenty Minutes
* Tweet Like A Rock Star!
Twitter Resources:
* Twitter Behaviour: How To Be a Great Twitter User
* Twitter Behaviour: Things You Should Not Do On Twitter
* Twitter Chat: Links On How To Participate
* Twitter For Beginners: A Collection Of Links For New Twitter Users
* Twitter For Educators: Links Showing How Twitter Can Be Used In Education
* Twitter Hashtags: What Are They and How Do They Work
* Twitter Links: All The Resources I've Collected On Twitter
* Twitter Lists: What Are They and How Do They Work
* Twitter Tools: To Go Beyond Simple Tweets
* Twitter: Who To Follow - Educators Around The World
* Twitter: Who To Follow - Educators In British Columbia
* Twitter: Who To Follow - Educators in School District #33/Chilliwack
* Twitter: Who To Follow - Famous Folks
* Link To My Twitter Account (cyberjohn07)