DIIGO Links:

This page contains links to my DIIGO social bookmarking site. At present there are almost 30,000 entries. Make navigating easier, I've provided links to the various subject headings/lists as well as to the main account. Please note that only the more popular subject headings are listed here.

  • DIIGO: Main Link

  • DIIGO: Books, E-book and E-zines
    Links to sites containing downloadable print books, digital volumns, iBooks digital magazines or audio books.

  • DIIGO: Clipart/Fonts
    Links to sites containing at least some free or Open Source clip art, pictures, images, icons, or fonts.

  • DIIGO: Collaboration
    This section focuses on articles which highlight the benefits of collaboration in an educational setting as well as tools and resources which facilitate collaboration.

  • DIIGO: Data Collection/Storage/Sharing
    This section conatins links to a variety of data related sites such as curation, back-up, organization, storage and cloud storage.

  • DIIGO: Data Visualization
    Resources which display information in a visual manner such as infographics, time-lines, charts, mind-maps, word clouds, tag clouds, etc.

  • DIIGO: Digital Storytelling
    Resources which support Digital Storytelling such as, storyboard apps, cartoons, comic strips, animation, etc.

  • DIIGO: Education, General
    A section for general education topics and ideas.

  • DIIGO: Education Technology
    A section for links relating generally to the topic of, "Education Technology".

  • DIIGO: Email
    All links and resources referring to the topic of Email.

  • DIIGO: English & Writing
    A section containing links focusing on the teaching of English and Writing (both academic and ESL).

  • DIIGO: Freeware & Software
    This section primarily contains links to sites with free, downloadable software. Many programs are Mac and Windows compatable.

  • DIIGO: Games
    A category with links to a variety of educational games, games research and games based learning.

  • DIIGO: Google
    A section for all things "Google" such as, Google Search, Google+, Google Apps, Gmail, etc.

  • DIIGO: Graphic Tools
    This section has links to online photo editing, cropping and enhancement tools as well as programs (both online and downloadable) which allow students to draw and/or paint pictures.

    A section with links to sites for HTML editing, enhancing and web page creation.

  • DIIGO: Information Literacy
    Links to sites which will help students and staff better use and and make sense of digital media.

  • DIIGO: iPad/iPhone
    Primarily, a collection of links to iPad/iPhone apps and resources.

  • DIIGO: Leadership
    Resources for educational leaders.

  • DIIGO: Library
    Resources regarding libraries and school librarians.

  • DIIGO: Mathematics
    Links and resources for math teachers.

  • DIIGO: MOOC/Open Education
    Links to open education resources.

  • DIIGO: Online Learning
    Linkings and resources which focus on online and distance learning, including LMS platforms, research studies and best practices.

  • DIIGO: Presentation Tools
    Links to web sites offering presentation services or best practices information.

  • DIIGO: Programming Tools
    Computer programming resource links with an educational slant.

  • DIIGO: QR Codes
    Links to software, readers and other related resources.

  • DIIGO: Quiz/Survey Apps
    Links to online test, quiz and survey apps.

  • DIIGO: Safety (Online )
    Links to websites with information concerning online safety and security as well as anti-bullying news.

  • DIIGO: Science
    Links and resources pertainning to K-12 science information.

  • DIIGO: Search
    Links to information on web searching resources and best practices.

  • DIIGO: Social Media
    Links to articles and information on the use of social media in education.

  • DIIGO: Social Studies
    Sites with information on, history and geography at the K-12 level.

  • DIIGO: Sound/Music
    Links to a variety of sites offering free or open source sound or music files as well as sound related apps.

  • DIIGO: Twitter
    Links to Twitter apps, best practices and uses in education.

  • DIIGO: Utilities
    A variety of services such as files conversion, event timers, URL shortener, etc.

  • DIIGO: Video
    Resources for creating, editing and publishing video content.

  • DIIGO: Virtual Worlds
    Links and resources to sites such as Second Life or Quest Atlantis.

  • DIIGO: Web 2.0 Tools
    Links to information and resources for using Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, Facebook, Skype, wikis, etc.